A collaborative project with
VIII PrywatneAkademickieLiceumOgólnokształcące, IB World School 006265 Kraków, Poland

Values are most often caught and not taught! Through this collaborative activity students of India and Poland will delve into the traditional beliefs, customs and stories of communities of the assigned countries which have been passed on through the generations. Through the enchanting world of folk tales, students will reflect on moral values that define our present existence which will be mutually shared with the partner school.

Folklore is a representation of culture and tradition. Students understand their own culture and tradition and appreciate those of other countries.They reflect the moral value of a particular culture and society and thus gives an understanding of the same to the students.Folktales have strong messages of ethics and values because they are logical and simple explanations and thus they become a tool for imbibing of values in today’s world and learning to understand and appreciate cultures of different countries and realize that values are the same in all parts of the world.

The fruits of collaboration …..To bring the story alive, selected folktales were to be staged by both the partner countries during the Indo- Polish Exchange in the month of November 2017.


Storyboard is a writing format placed in logically sequenced order.They appear in many forms, each form is a place for the writer to put information, pictures, symbols or texts.They are widely used as pictures combined with text in a creative form of information that can inform and entertain. They can be in the form of cartoons, sketches, photographs etc.We at DPS Gurgaon used the story board format as a medium to depict and understand folk tales.

The Dragon of Krakow–Folktale of Poland


Princess Mirando  and Prince Hero–Folktale of Poland


A snake was defeated by a crow–Folktale from India


The Mango Tree–Folktale from India


Doll Making

Dolls are the representative of a nation and are the confluence of its different ages, time and culture. The rich cultural heritage through the ages can be vividly depicted through dolls. Workshop on dolls is a stimulating and an interesting way to understand and appreciate different cultures.
Clay is a simple medium, yet its possibilities are endless in the forms it can take. Clay facilitates emotional expression. Students are able to let go of their thoughts, feel their feelings, and be in the moment, just shaping and creating. It’s a fun-filled and a therapeutic activity.


Some Polish students also made dolls as found in East Europe.